I was staring at a mirror. You were sitting behind me, your chin rested on the soft muscle between my neck and shoulder. “Like this, right?” You said, shape-shifting your face to match mine. I laughed, moved my focus from you in the mirror to you in real life, where you lived with your beautiful… Read More pact


I am animated through strings attached at each joint, each string continuing upwards towards the dark expanse above this stage. I let you pull me along, and I like where you take me. I have never seen such wonders as the places you have brought me to. More so, there is a string attached to… Read More plaything

Like you

Sifting through thrifted thoughts, she was a victim of a stick-up. Gun drawn, hair-trigger, staring down the sights, lining up memories. “One mistake…” On sheets of quote-on-quote linen he was a visitor, a native of a distant land. From the hallway notes on a piano assembled into a chord and slowly spilled into the room.… Read More Like you