letters collide; form words III (pool)

Do you remember being younger, and playing in all those public pools in the summer? There was one of your friends, the really beautiful one, that you were always bashful in front of. It was a beautiful time, your heart thumping hard, fast, when you talked to that one.

And wow you were young. Remember that? Your body raged, fought against the gravity of the earth, the resistance inherent in the air, the clocks that told you to be tired, to be awake. You were in control, back then. But that’s okay, because everyone gets their turn at being young and that was yours. Now you’re older, and your joints creak a little when you move them, and you get a stiff neck now when you sleep funny. That’s okay, too, because right now it’s your turn, just as it was then. It’s always your turn. There’s no waiting in line when you’re okay with the present. And yes, there are some waiting in line, for some grandiose time in the future, and there are some who still reminisce and miss all those kiddy rides. Now you look at the kiddy rides, some small airplanes that turn around in a circle and lift off the ground maybe a few feet and then return towards the ground and then lift up again, and wow, pretty fucking lame! Now you’re on the real rides:


A job

The constant struggle

Whatever you want.

Shit, those are pretty fucking heavy, huh? But hey guess what, it’s your turn




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